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Memory Reset

The CPU memory can be reset in STOP mode. The memory can be reset manually using the key switch (MRES) or from the programming device (for example, before downloading a user program).

Keep the Toggle key in the MRES for approximately 5 sec and then leave the switch.  Now the Memory reset is carried out

Resetting the CPU memory returns the CPU to its initial status, as follows:

The entire user program in the work memory and in the RAM load memory and all address areas are cleared.

The system parameters and the CPU and module parameters are reset to the default settings. The MPI parameters set prior to the memory reset are retained.

If a memory card (Flash EPROM) is plugged in, the CPU copies the user program from the memory card to the work memory (including the CPU and module parameters if the appropriate configuration data are also on the memory card).

The diagnostic buffer, the MPI parameters, the time, and the runtime meters are not reset


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